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Five Questions With PTR

Published:Friday | April 23, 2021 | 12:14 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
PTR (from left), Tashlicka ‘Pretty Pretty’ Laird, Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman and Christina ‘Dancing Rebel’ Nelson.
PTR (from left), Tashlicka ‘Pretty Pretty’ Laird, Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman and Christina ‘Dancing Rebel’ Nelson.
Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman
Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman
Christina ‘Dancing Rebel’ Nelson
Christina ‘Dancing Rebel’ Nelson
 Tashlicka ‘Pretty Pretty’ Laird
Tashlicka ‘Pretty Pretty’ Laird

The names Tashlicka ‘Pretty Pretty’ Laird, Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman and Christina ‘Dancing Rebel’ Nelson will send off sirens in the dancehall sphere. Through aerial jumps and eye-popping dance moves, the trio has established themselves as some of the most talented dancers on the local circuit. Still, somersaults and splits are not the only thing these girls bring to the table. Pretty Pretty, TC and Dancing Rebel are the epitome of entertainment. Their natural ability to find the humour in the most mundane things has made them social media personalities, and now budding reality stars, with their online series — Dancehall Life. In this week’s edition of Five Questions With, we get to know PTR, as they are most commonly called.

1. Let’s play a game of this or that.

Sneakers or heels?

Pretty Pretty, TC and Dancing Rebel: Sneakers!

Dancing Rebel to TC: Sneakers?

TC: Yea! Yuh know me nuh really love heels. Dem shoulda ask sneakers or slippers, because unu know me a take slippers.

Fried dumplings or fried breadfruit?

Dancing Rebel and TC: Fried dumpling

Pretty Pretty: Both! Sorry, di two a dem.

Ackee and salt fish or mackerel rundown?

Dancing Rebel and Pretty Pretty: Ackee and salt fish

TC: (animatedly)Mackerel rundown, worst if it cook good. Mi lick 10 finger and 10 toe mi love (laughs out loud).

LBD (little black dress) or jeans?

Dancing Rebel: Jeans. Me is a ‘burl’, a big man (laughs).

TC: Little black dress

Pretty Pretty: Affi be little black dress. Nothing fi mi nuh ‘jeans-y’ more while mi love.

2. Where is your favourite chill spot, your place to relax and unwind?

Dancing Rebel: I don’t go out to relax. Mi relax inna mi room. Any relaxation take place inna mi room. Mi nuh chill nuh weh but inside a mi house.

Pretty Pretty: Inside a mi house, but if me wah go nuh weh, mi woulda prefer drive go somewhere far.

TC: Yuh see dem, dem like dem bed. But me woulda go out pan a one and two date right deh so. Mi nah tell unu mi secret place dem because mi nuh want unu find out.

3. Who is the chef in the group?

TC and Pretty Pretty: (pointing at Dancing Rebel in unison) See her yah!

Dancing Rebel: Me dat! Dash weh yah so and puddung! Mi apron, chef hat ... a me dat.

TC: Mi can cook innu! Better dan her (Dancing Rebel) too.

Pretty Pretty: (laughs out loud) Yuh always say dat.

Dancing Rebel: Weh yuh can cook? Two likkle fricassee chicken?

TC: Listen to me! I can cook steamed fish; I can cook shrimp; I can cook fricassee chicken, curry chicken, stew chicken. Mi can cook sausage, mackerel.

Pretty Pretty: I will make breakfast for you. Mi nuh hol’ food reasoning and dinner table reasoning. Leave me fi do breakfast. Mi nah come inna big people argument. Leave me on the morning ride. Dem people here a adult fi mi, I am a child. I will stay in the morning. Gimme me lunch kit.

4. Who is the ‘goofiest’ in the group?

Dancing Rebel: (pointing in Pretty Pretty’s direction) See him deh. Yuh nuh see him?

TC: Yea him fool man. Mi know people goodly think a me, but a she (pointing at Pretty Pretty). She unleash her madness anyweh she go. Anytime, anywhere, a coulda in front a Andrew Holness.

5. Who is the introvert in the group?

Dancing Rebel: It depends. All a we introverted at times, we love stay by wi self.

Pretty Pretty and TC: All a we have we time.

Dancing Rebel: When we go out, I’m an extrovert. Me very ‘outside-y’. Mi hail everybody inna di dance, talk to every cigarette man, every sound man.


How valuable is friendship to you guys? You seem to genuinely love each other’s company.

Dancing Rebel: Everything real. Genuine like shoes polish.

TC and Pretty Pretty: (laughing) Friendship is very valuable. Nothing nuh fake ‘bout di doll dem.

Pretty Pretty: Friendship for me is like a big part of my body because everything stress me out. If me and dem [nuh] good, me just can’t function because mi love dem even though love nuh really describe it much. I tell people once mi have me friend dem mi good, mi alright.

TC: Friendship for me very important because mi love communicate wid mi fren dem. Yuh see if nutting do me, mi nah hol’ back. I’m quick to tell my friends wah happen to me. Mi nuh like stay by myself fi too long. If mi stay by myself is like me a go cry, so mi affi have my fren dem roun’ me.

Dancing Rebel: (looks at TC) Everything yuh bawl fa innu yute! Mi love my fren dem. Dem a mi G, mi chargie. As TC say, if something a bother me, I can go to my fren dem. I can be down and feel sad, and by the time one a dem text, a it dat. Yuh affi appreciate dem thing deh. We nuh really get much time fi sad, so di depression thing nah go too reach we.