Fri | Dec 8, 2023

Ding and Farm Up join forces for a sustainable future in Jamaica

Published:Monday | November 20, 2023 | 12:08 AM
Participants in Farm Up out in the field.
Participants in Farm Up out in the field.

Since its inception, international mobile top-up company Ding says it has remained dedicated to a mission of bridging the gap between those with fewer resources and access to greater opportunities.

With a core focus on empowering communities globally, Ding has partnered with Farm Up Jamaica, a revered nonprofit organisation committed to reducing food imports, increasing exports, and generating employment opportunities in Jamaica.

Farm Up’s work centres on diminishing Jamaica’s dependence on food imports, while fostering job creation and empowering local communities. Its primary objective is to enable Jamaican residents to exercise their fundamental right to a dignified livelihood.

As part of Ding’s vision, the company actively seeks partnerships with entities dedicated to fostering the long-term growth and development of their primary markets. The alliance with Farm Up exemplifies Ding’s commitment to driving sustainable growth and economic stability in Jamaica.

The collaboration between Ding and Farm Up Jamaica embodies a shared dedication to supporting Jamaican communities. By harnessing Ding’s support, Farm Up Jamaica is expected to be able to support the Jamaican agriculture industry, marking a pivotal step towards achieving its long-term goals. Ding will, in addition to making an upfront investment, introduce an exclusive Farm Up promo code and tracking link, pledging to donate to Farm Up’s funds for every use of this code or link. For every use of the code or link, Ding will donate US$5 to Farm Up’s funds. These contributions will be accumulated and presented at the end of each month, providing ongoing support for Farm Up’s initiatives.

“Ding and Farm Up Jamaica are united in their efforts to support communities in Jamaica. Through the funding from Ding, we’ll be able to help rebuild the backbone of Jamaica, which is agriculture!” said Neil Curtis, CEO and founder of Farm Up. “We’re aligned on our mission of driving long-term impact. We look forward to creating microeconomies, which will have macro effects for the entire country. The funding from Ding will significantly aid our efforts in delivering, aligning with our mutual goal of driving enduring impact.”

This partnership marks the inception of a concerted effort by Ding and Farm Up Jamaica to create sustainable, long-term support systems that transcend traditional remittance practices, ultimately driving holistic economic development within Jamaica.