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Beecher Foundation expands outreach

Parenting and child-rearing workshops, seminars now part of organisation’s programme

Published:Thursday | August 25, 2022 | 12:06 AMRasbert Turner/Gleaner Writer
Principal Melbourne Thompson of Bermaddy Primary accepts a bag from Pauline Beecher of the Beecher Foundation at a recent function.
Principal Melbourne Thompson of Bermaddy Primary accepts a bag from Pauline Beecher of the Beecher Foundation at a recent function.

The Beecher Foundation has pledged to broaden its outreach programmes to include parenting workshops and seminars to improve child-rearing skills.

The initiative, geared towards parents in St Catherine, is scheduled to get under way in November.

Pauline Beecher, a director of the non-profit organisation, said that while it is usually involved in the distribution of gifts and scholarships to hundreds of students, the charity has found it more productive to offer instruction on how families should interact.

“Some parents really try, but these workshops will aid in honing their parental delivery,” Beecher told The Gleaner.


Teenage mom Barbara Anglin endorsed the programme, adding that she had always wanted such an intervention.

“These workshops will definitely help many of us, especially the younger ones,” Anglin, who became a parent at 17, said.

“Therefore, others like me can only be better caregivers to our children if we are given some help.”

Beecher said that the viability of the programme is hinged on the development of parents.

The foundation intends to use Charlemont High School for the training of the selected participants. The programme of training will include resource professionals.

Beecher said that since 2014, the foundation has awarded 600 students with grants, scholarships, and school supplies.

With the reopening of schools only days away, the Beecher Foundation has also expanded the breakfast programme to include the Cedar Valley Primary School.

“Students will now benefit from a hot meal every morning,” Beecher said at the Charlemont Open Bible Church in St Catherine on Sunday.

During the function, students were gifted with backpacks, books, pens, and other school supplies.

Alicia Morrison, a teacher at Jericho Primary School, has given the foundation the thumbs up and is encouraging others to help.

“While we appreciate the kindness, I hope others will come on board to strengthen the effort,” she said.

Donations of $10,000 were given to three students bound for high school.

Schools in Bermaddy, Simon, Jericho, Time and Patience, and Cedar Valley have benefited from the foundation’s breakfast programme.

A total of $800,000 was spent so far this year by the foundation.