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Email trail... When AJ Nicholson told Kamina the big pay back is coming

Published:Wednesday | April 28, 2021 | 9:38 AM
Former Senator AJ Nicholson and current Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson Smith

Damion Mitchell/Integration Editor

Opposition Senator Lambert Brown has released a trail of 2014 emails between then Government Senator AJ Nicholson and Opposition member Marlene Malahoo Forte in which the current Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson Smith was harshly criticised.

Brown also revealed that the 2014 email had resulted in the police visiting Nicholson while he was Foreign Affairs Minister.

However, the Opposition Senator said the police concluded that there was no basis to pursue the matter.

The email trail arose from a Nationwide radio interview with Johnson Smith who had taken issue with the controversial 'flexi rape' comment by Nicholson during a debate in the Upper House.

What Nicholson wrote to Malahoo Forte:


Your colleague, Johnson-Smith, has said on radio that, in the Senate today, I asked you if you wanted to be flexi raped. I did not, could not, and would not say any such thing to you. You know that.

In all my life, no one has ever stated such a bare-faced lie on me publicly. But let your colleague be assured that the evil that people do...the big pay back is coming. Mark my word!

And that was an evil thing to do!

Malahoo Forte responds:


I listened to the interview/exchanges on Nationwide.

I invite you to request the audio transcript from Cliff Hughes.  I think Senator Johnson Smith took care to clarify the issue. You may conclude differently once to listen back to it.

For my part, I realized that you were joking (and I accept that you did not intend to disrespect me personally). That is why I chose not to respond in the Senate. 

However, to joke about rape in a context where concerns were being raised about women being vulnerable and at risk will cause you to rightly incur the wrath of others, especially women and Senator Johnson Smith, who has Opposition Senate portfolio responsibility for Women and Gender Affairs.

People will naturally wonder about a mindset that makes light of such a serious matter.

You did more harm to yourself when you insisted that it was just a 'likkle joke' and showed reluctance in either withdrawing or apologising for the sotto voce comment, once it became a bone of contention.

It is extremely unfortunate that an otherwise spirited debate ended in the manner it did.

I suggest that if you are called upon to explain further, just be mindful of your tone. It will be very difficult for you to win with so many taking offence to a joke that was in poor poor taste, but I accept that it was not your intention to disrespect me.

Nicholson says Johnson Smith escalated the matter

Nicholson then wrote back to Malahoo Forte telling her that Johnson Smith escalated the matter and attributed words to him that he did not use.

“LYING LIPS ARE AN ABOMINATION everytime, everywhere,” Nicholson wrote to Malahoo Forte. 

He added: “I give thanks that you have chosen to speak the truth to me. Sadly, I don't hold my breath that you would do so publicly, which would change the character and complexion of the entire episode.”

Both Johnson Smith and Nicholson could not be reached immediately for a comment on this article.

The Gleaner also wanted to ask Johnson Smith whether there was another set of emails with a Senator she alleged harassed her to the point she became fearful and had to stop her morning runs because of safety concerns.

In the Upper House on Friday, Johnson Smith said she had reported the matter to the police who advised her that a cyber crime had been committed.

However, she said she decided against pressing charges for political and other reasons.

Last night, Brown again demanded that Johnson Smith release the email she cited in the Senate.

“We have produced our email let them now produce theirs or shut up,” he said.

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