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Javon and Toni Ann’s love story started at church and ended in matrimony

Published:Tuesday | May 9, 2023 | 12:06 AMKrysta Anderson/Staff Reporter
The Bible says, ‘What God has put together, let no man put asunder’. Javon and Toni Ann first laid eyes on each other at church. Now they look forward to forever as Mr and Mrs.
Javon and Toni Ann were overjoyed to receive the unwavering support of their wonderful bridal party.
The happy couple take the first walk as husband and wife.
Toni Ann selected a lace, off-the-shoulder flare gown, with a sweetheart neckline detail, from Bliss Bridal Boutique.
Javon and Toni Ann pose for their official photographs.

It is said that nothing will bring two hearts closer together than two hearts that are after the heart of God. At 21 years old, Toni Ann Taylor visited a church for youth fellowship. That church would later return to her place of worship for the annual choir in praise event. Among that visiting congregation was 23-year-old Javon Henry. The last thing either party was looking for was love. But God had plans in store for the two.

“We met at church and then messaged each other on Facebook,” Toni Ann told Island Wedding, adding, “He knew my name and we had mutual friends on Facebook at that time. So Javon searched for me and added me. I accepted, and we started a conversation on Facebook Messenger.”

Initially, she thought he was a player of some kind who was looking for a good time instead of a man seeking anything meaningful or long term.

Although he was curious and went on a quest to find Toni Ann, Javon didn’t think he stood a chance because according to him, “She was just too hype and wouldn’t look my way, but I was totally wrong.”

It didn’t matter to Toni Ann since she was already in the arms of another.

But then that relationship began going through choppy waters. When things got rocky, it was her friend Javon who was right there with her. “Javon was just there with me through everything,” she added.

When that relationship came to an end and her former partner was out of the picture, she set her sights on love. “He, [my former partner], led me right into the arms of my husband.”

Before heading off to college, Javon and Toni Ann were an official couple.

Declaring the love of his life as marvellous, gorgeous, determined, loving, and caring, Javon continues to be fascinated by her beauty and her unconditional support.

“She loved me through thick and thin. She is always there for me in my rough patches and always giving me words of encouragement. She loves God so much and she is always using the Bible as reference,” he said confidently, adding, “To be honest, she has been playing the role of wife long before the ring, making sure that things are always in the right order. I’ve put her through a lot, and she never once turned her back on me or threw me aside. We don’t dwell on the past for too long. And we always resolved conflicts before bed.”

Describing him as such a gentleman, Toni Ann appreciates that he is a lover of Christ, family-oriented, loving, selfless, caring, charming, romantic, and humble.

“He loves his family so much, and that was something I admired because I’m big on family, too. Javon goes the extra mile. This man would give me his last and do without. No matter what it takes, if I ask for something, he is going to let me get it,” she proudly revealed.

Whenever she is doubtful, she can rest assured knowing that her beloved sees her as a champion. And as it relates to conflicts, she agrees that resolving them is paramount to the health of their union, “I can’t stay mad at him for too long because he has this little smile and a way to come ‘round and make up! We never go to our bed being vexed at each other. We pray and leave it to God.”

She knew he was the one for her when her father, blinded by glaucoma, could see that he was a good man.

For quality time, the two enjoy revisiting the waterfront in downtown Kingston, where they had their first date. When they are not basking in the cool breeze, they go to dine at their favourite restaurant, South Avenue Bar and Grill.

After four years of courtship, Javon desired an upgrade. So he asked Toni Ann to be his wife on their anniversary.


Since his birthday was July 29, and their anniversary was the day after, he planned with relatives and friends to dine at Plantation Smokehouse in St Ann. After indulging in a wonderful meal and taking pictures of the occasion, Javon took to the mic to reveal his surprise.

“While I was up there, I gave a shout-out to Plantation Smokehouse, and then I called out to my girlfriend. I shared that we have been through a lot over the past few years and now I’m here to show her how much she means to me,” he said. In case his girlfriend was still unsure as to what exactly was happening, he took the opportunity during his declaration to go on one knee and asked her to marry him. A surprised and speechless but happy Toni Ann managed to say yes.

The pair made décor and bridal arrangements with Quran’s Professional Services. And on Sunday, April 8, Javon and Toni Ann joined hands and hearts in holy matrimony at the Bethel New Testament Church of God on Rousseau Road in Kingston.

Basking in nuptial bliss, the beautiful bride and handsome groom said I do among hues of purple and royal blue. For the newly-weds, the wedding was everything they had hoped for, and more. “The wedding was amazing. The best moment was when I saw my beautiful wife at the ceremony. Seeing all who came out to support us was also a highlight for me. The love was everything,” Javon shared.

While for Toni Ann, she was happy to have her fairy tale become an enchanting reality. “Our wedding was everything we wanted. It was our fairy-tale world. My husband knows I love nice things, and I am a lover of pearls and stones, and that was beautifully presented in the settings.”