Fri | Dec 1, 2023

Show urgency in addressing raw sewage overflow

Published:Saturday | September 23, 2023 | 12:06 AM


I am a concerned parent who has a child who attends the Neptune Basic School located in Harbour View, Kingston. I am also aware that the issue with the overflowing raw sewage in the vicinity of the West Indies Home Contractors Ltd’s (WIHCON) office is a public concern that is mentioned in the local media.

I would like to know, however, why there is no sense of urgency by the respective agencies to take actions to remedy this serious public health issue? As a public health specialist, I am aware that this situation has serious health implications, particularly in relation to the fact that raw sewage contains bacteria associated with faecal matter, in addition to other micro-organisms that can cause diseases.

Given that the Neptune Basic School is located in this area and students, parents, and teachers have to travel and walk in this wastewater, don’t you think that more urgency should be given to deal with this situation? Who is/are accountable for this mess, and what actions are being taken to address this issue? I would really appreciate some response, and I am certain that the parents, children, and staff, including the teachers, at the Neptune Basic School, would too.