Fri | Jan 21, 2022

Nancy Anderson was a lovable person

Published:Saturday | December 4, 2021 | 12:05 AM


I first met Nancy Anderson decades ago when I was clerk of courts for Clarendon and she was an American Peace Corps officer. She so loved Jamaica that I do not think she ever went back. I know of one occasion when her parents came to visit with her. A nicer person one could never find.

Fast-forward. As also a member of the Jamaica Council for Human Rights, I saw the need for a legal aid clinic in Manchester, discussed it with her, we agreed, and the first legal aid clinic was born in my office complex, free of charge. And, when we met at seminars, she made it her duty to secure my refreshments and I did not have to join the line.

May her soul rest in peace and I am sure St Peter opens the gate wide for her to enter Heaven.