Mon | Sep 20, 2021

Swift justice for Nzinga King!

Published:Wednesday | August 4, 2021 | 12:07 AM


HAIR is a gift of nature. It is an extension of ourselves. It is no secret that when people were conquered or enslaved, their hair was cut or shaved.

I keep saying that I can’t believe these things are happening in 2021, but I need to train myself to stop saying that because these things ARE happening and will continue to happen unless we make it blatantly clear that we will not allow anyone to trample on our rights in this day and age.

I know many of us aren’t familiar with the spiritual significance surrounding one’s hair. And even if there is no deep spiritual meaning or aspect to it, it is still a part of our body.

Not even a fingernail should have been snipped away without the permission of 19-year-old Nzinga King.

I don’t want to hear excuses for the police who allegedly carried out this crime at the Four Paths Police Station in Clarendon that was reported in the media yesterday.

I just need to hear of swift justice for Nzinga King! This is a form of battery and an indictable offence. Bodily harm is not limited to harm to the skin, flesh and bones of the victim. Also, if she was restrained in any way while this reportedly happened, this poses additional criminal and civil issues. So I do hope that the victim takes action and is compensated by the Jamaica Constabulary Force or the perpetrator(s) for the emotional distress and trauma.

Not only does this unthinkable act spit on the name of JAMAICA – to think Rastafarians went through so much brutality from post-colonial Jamaica (now celebrated as the home of reggae, Bob Marley and the other illustrious reggae artistes) – but to think children are being denied education because of their locks.

There’s a lesson in the very thing the police reportedly chose to desecrate – each strand is weak on its own but when woven together demonstrates strength and unity.

Justice for Nzinga King! And bring it fast and steaming like a cup of Blue Mountain Peak coffee!