Thu | Aug 5, 2021

Times are still hard, do not increase highway toll

Published:Saturday | June 19, 2021 | 12:06 AM


Motorists are still trying to adjust to the most recent toll-rates increase on the highways, which was implemented less than a year ago. Now there is news that there is another increase in the toll rates expected soon. This will be another lick on the consumers’ backs and is like adding copper sulphate (blue stone) to the older wounds, which have still not healed from the recent price increases.

If the people who use the toll have to pay higher fees, this combined with the mysterious and enigmatic fuel and other price increases, where are the already-overburdened consumers going to come up with that money, and who are they going to ask for an increase in wages? Apart from at the toll gates at times, the highway is underutilised because most motorists cannot afford a return journey, so they have to use alternative routes. The highways will lose more traffic as people will be forced to take other routes, which is going to result in traffic jams and delays on those roads.

The already-battered consumers would be grateful if the Toll Authority hold the increase till the end of the year, as things are still tight for a lot of people.


Past president and PRO

National Consumers League