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Talkback Thursday

Published:Thursday | July 9, 2020 | 12:12 AM

The Opposition does not support extending the tenure of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn beyond her scheduled retirement in September, saying she has a poor record in securing corruption convictions. Our social media followers share their thoughts on the proposed extension:

• She should stay until she reaches Mike Henry’s age of retirement.

– @kiiing_carlii

• No disrespect to our brilliant DPP, but it’s called retirement for a reason. To make way for others to have the chance at upward mobility. Now, if there is no one good enough to replace her, then that’s a huge fault on her employers.

– @mz__mika

• Nope. Let someone else get a chance. She do enough and none was good, or what Jamaica needs to get rid of corruption from the top.

– @brainsandthebeat

• I am so sorry to say this, but NO, I don’t think she is fair to all, only some ... sad.

– @normalinethompson

• I am of that opinion for a very, very long time.

– @ricardoohart

• She is a brilliant DPP and any good leader would ensure they have a competent assistant to carry on their legacy. She should depart, and, if needs be, asked to head INDECOM.

– @enadolawrence

• I lost her when she dissed the general public’s opinion during that so called X6 trial. “We watch too much law and order.” Too much weak fence in the fight for our future. We need people we employ to represent us ordinary Jamaicans expeditiously, without waffling and pandering.

– @wackiedon

• A “poor record” could reflect little corruption found.


• The current holder of the post is too full of herself, spending more time in the media than in her work. Give her another year. No more.

– @christoC56

• Yes, definitely

– @baslene2

• Two more years for Paula. She is an excellent prosecutor and is a credit to the office of DPP.

– @road_bugs