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Reprisal fears grip Plum Lane after beheadings

Published:Wednesday | October 21, 2020 | 12:11 AMAndre Williams/Staff Reporter

Residents of Plum Lane off Whitehall Avenue in St Andrew are on tenterhooks following last Friday’s beheading of two men in the area, triggering fears of a possible reprisal because of the gruesome nature of the crime.

So terrified are they that some are sent scampering at the sight of an unknown vehicle passing through.

Last Friday, the decapitated bullet-riddled bodies of Mark Wellington, otherwise called ‘Blackie’, of a Maxfield Avenue address, and Leonardo Hendricks, otherwise called ‘Platty’, of a Kew Lane address, also in the Maxfield area, were found at a partially abandoned property in the crime-plagued Plum Lane.

Only one of the heads has reportedly been located.

Investigators believe the men were killed in connection with ongoing gang violence in a section of Maxfield Avenue called Rome and that they were lured to the Whitehall Avenue area where they met their demise.

“Police nah stop come ya suh. I am fearful for my life. [The beheadings] no have nothing to do with up here so, ... but suppose dem have bad man family that come back ‘round and do things,” a resident of Plum Lane told The Gleaner yesterday.

The only other individual outside during our news team’s visit was an elderly man, who said he was not home at the time of Friday’s graphic killing.

When The Gleaner visited the section of Maxfield Avenue called Rome, family members declined to speak with our news team as residents tried to get updates.

“Is how much head dem say dem find now? Mi hear dem find ‘Blackie’ but can’t find ‘Platty’ own,” a woman said as two men looked on pensively.

A senior policemen with knowledge of the turf war between factions in the Rome and the William Lane area of Maxfield Avenue told The Gleaner that rivals celebrated the beheadings last Friday night.

“There was a celebration after news started to spread that they were killed and the style killing, too. Shots were fired in celebration,” said the cop.

Other residents on Maxfield Avenue told The Gleaner that a security post maintained along Rousseau Road in the vicinity of William Lane is what has been preventing reprisals in the area.

The Major Investigation Division is probing the killings.