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Five Questions with Denyque

Published:Friday | September 22, 2023 | 12:06 AMShanel Lemmie/Staff Reporter - -
In this era, she is ruled by discipline and consistency, says Denyque.
In this era, she is ruled by discipline and consistency, says Denyque.
Denyque is in a new season.
Denyque is in a new season.
Flourishing and blooming are Denyque’s main priorities these days.
Flourishing and blooming are Denyque’s main priorities these days.

Dancehall diva Denyque is no stranger to the Jamaican public. Winning hearts and minds for well over a decade now, Denyque first burst on to the scene in 2009 with her hit song Can’t Breathe.

Now the artiste is instantly recognisable as the melodic voice chiming “Good Good Productions” at the start of some of their tracks. Since then, she has cycled in and out of the limelight, having seemingly perfected the art of creating a summer bop. With songs like Summer Love, Make Me Believe You, Same Guy and Knees, Denyque has traditionally mused about the ups and down of relationships, lasting love and female empowerment, and has always gave listeners a slice of life. She released Proud Wifey in 2016 after her engagement, and would go on to tie the knot in 2017 and welcome a son in 2018 to then overcome death-defying health complications to give birth to her daughter in 2020.

Now newly separated, she’s moving forward. This year she was announced as one of the hosts of Di Sound Off on Nationwide 90FM. While promoting her new single Between Me and You, Denyque caught up with The Gleaner to give us the low-down on this new era of her life in Five Questions.

1. In your interview on ‘Sim Soul Sessions’, you opened up about being separated from your husband. What has your process been like moving on from that relationship while sharing parenthood duties?

I’ve honestly just been focused on remembering who I am and becoming a better human mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There’s no set strategy for healing after making the decision to leave a relationship that you believed would last forever, and knowing you have to leave because as a partner and woman you deserve more. I focus on my relationship with God, I prioritise myself more now. The great thing is, at the centre of it all, we’ve always been actual friends and we’ve been able to maintain that and keep the promise of being great parents to our little humans.

2. In this current era of your life, you have also been prioritising your physical fitness. What led to that decision and how has that process been?

I think I’d have to say my journey led me here. I’ve always been athletic [and] active, but now my focus is on discipline and consistency; making this a lifestyle addition as opposed to just setting fitness goals, like I used to, hitting them and then stopping. Now, going to the gym makes me feel better physically and mentally, plus seeing the visible muscle definition is definitely a bonus.

3. The dating scene is notoriously daunting. Are you taking a step back in those waters, and what are you looking for in prospective suitors?

It’s not a priority for me right now, but I definitely require someone who is a provider, who can lead and allow me to stay at my softest. As humans, we’re made up of so many layers, so appreciate all those layers and love all of me. I’m that girl, once I got you, on God, I got you.

4. Your new single ‘Between Me and You’ gives us an inside look at your sexier side. What was the process of making this song like, and why was now the right time to release it?

Between Me And You was actually a last-minute addition to my upcoming EP R.E.A.D.Y. I’m excited about this song and my EP because I’m finally doing the kind of music that I want to do, the kind of music that makes my heart happy. If you know songs like Summer Love, Hooked On Me, Let You Go, Supergirl, to name a few, then you already know I’m in my feels (laughs). I don’t ever know when the right time is, I just pray a lot and I move with a knowing in my soul that this is where God planted me so now I need to nurture, tend to and take care so I can grow, flourish and bloom.

5. In your promotion of ‘BMAY’ you found yourself in a seeming online feud with dancehall artiste Popcaan. Did you expect this outcome when you released that video?

Not at all. That was wild to me, because even though we have mutual friends, I’ve only ever met him once and I’ve always loved his music. More importantly, Between Me And You official music video drops in [one] week! I also co-produced that song and the EP so it’s a project I’m really proud of, and when I tell you I’m pouring my heart and soul into it, people will feel that.