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Men need tips, too

Published:Friday | April 6, 2018 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle
It was non-stop dancing for these two during last year’s Carnival road parade.
Carnival fun!

So this is it! Today is the day soca lovers in Jamaica have been waiting for. It's Road March day. Today is the day Carnival 2018 in Jamaica culminates in a grand spectacle across sections of the Corporate Area.

Everyone will be looking to have a good time today, men and women alike. The Sunday Gleaner, well aware that it is time to play mas, has put together a few tips for revellers this year. We will, however, be focusing specifically on the male participants as they are often forgotten as far as attention goes.

Fellas, have a read! You'll thank us later.

1. Wear proper sneakers, or at the least, wear comfortable footwear. Slippers/sandals are a no-no, guys. You will be in the streets of Kingston from as early as 10 a.m.. please ensure your feet don't fail you halfway through the journey. Make sure that your feet are well cushioned and protected at all times.

2. So, the women are out in their exquisite bejewelled costumes, feathers all over, and fashionable knee-high boots, but for the males, their costume isn't necessarily as flashy, but it doesn't mean you have to be boring as far as image is concerned. Match your sneakers with your shorts. go ahead! be bold! Fellas, you can turn heads, too, especially if you've been putting in the work at the gym leading up to today. The least you can do is show off those abs. Body painting is allowed, so be creative. Colour your hair, get a stylish cut, but remember, that whatever you chose to do, the key is to not overdo it.

3. This may sound like something that goes without saying, but just in case, gentlemen, please remember to wear deodorant. Hygiene is very important! Please ensure that you have some with you on the road as well just to be on the safe side. You can also use the lunch stops to freshen up.

4. A follow-up on the previous tip guys, please remember to shave. We all know underarm hair is seen as masculine, but please ensure that the hair under there isn't excessive. There is nothing wrong with trimming up before hitting the road. Image is king, and always bear in mind that if you're single, your potential queen might be playing mas, too. You will want to make a good first impression.

5. Like we usually advise the females, so will we do for the men. Please remember to wear sunscreen. You will need the protection from the sun. Also there's nothing wrong with wearing a hat or stylish visor. And, remember to take a handkerchief or rag of some sort.

6. Drink responsibly! We know the bands have all-inclusive bars and it is easy to get carried away. Please pace yourselves and avoid becoming intoxicated. If getting drunk is your goal for carnival, please remember to have a designated driver to take you home afterwards. Do not drink and drive.

7. And last, but definitely not least, have fun! You deserve to. After all those hours at the gym getting ready, all that money spent on costumes, etc, you deserve to let loose and jam all day.