Sat | Sep 23, 2023
Published:Sunday | May 7, 2023 | 1:10 AM

Stepping Out

As I step out today

I remind myself

That I’m a child of the Most High God

The daughter of a King

Yes, I am an overcomer

More than a conqueror am I

I can do all things through Christ

Who gives me His strength.

It is well, it is well, it is well

Pursue, overtake, recover

I will not be afraid, because He is with me.

It is my time to fulfil purpose

I go forth with boldness

I am ... stepping out

– Lona Isaacs

Virtuous Mom

No one else compares to the mother of all mothers.

She cares for all her children and friends like no other.

She rises early in the morning to prepare meals.

No one in her household complains or even squeals.

What a caring and loving matriarch.

When we are yet asleep, she rises and goes to the market.

She greets the vendors there and she knows which ones to target.

She comes home laden with choice foods.

Her adventures are told and she is always in a good mood.

What a caring and mindful mom.

Breakfast is prepared on time with a dash of love.

Everyone eats and mentions how she is a good cook.

Neatly attired and sent off to school promptly.

Only to return hours later for dinner prepared splendidly.

What a kind and extraordinary mom.

We never bought clothes when young.

She finds the best linen and sews them strong.

We commune every night and study God’s word.

Blessed she is called by everyone near and far and this she deserved.

What a devoted mom.

A very hard-working mom who never sits idle.

She teaches us words of wisdom and tells us over our mouths to put a bridle.

She encourages us to study God’s word and praise.

Because in doing this our blessings we will raise.

We salute you, our virtuous mom.

– Hortense Francis