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Poetry unravelling the mysteries of love

Published:Saturday | October 9, 2021 | 12:06 AM
A Garden Sealed
A Garden Sealed

A picturesque garden

Of untouched beauty

Precious to behold.

But such a treasure

Keeps secret a story

Of your untold love

That’s reserved ...

Shielded by strong trees

A vow you made

Never to be enamoured

... ever again ...

Greenery covers tall trunks

Your heart is canopied …

Excerpt from A Garden Sealed

Following his debut anthology, One Voice For Many Hearts, Wayne Smith collaborated with his wife, Michele ‘Mish’, to produce A Garden Sealed – a book of love poems, which the author says is written “from the heart for the heart”.

With each ode portraying its own unique expressions of the soul, this collection of love poems takes you on a romantic journey into the mysteries of this powerful emotion called love:

You are the pianist

In my orchestra

Playing sweet symphony

To my entire being

You are the maestro

Directing my instruments

With your baton

The music is pianissimo

After each performance

I give a standing ovation

At the top of my voice:

“Encore! Encore!”

- Excerpt from ‘Pianissimo’

Many of the odes in A Garden Sealed were written for and read at wedding receptions.

Demonstrating the power of two becoming one in heart, body, mind, soul and spirit, each expression is written to celebrate love:

Romantic love releases chemicals in the brain

That drive actions that are irrational.

It can act in ways as if one is intoxicated.

It wakes you up late at night for a kiss

And then says,

“No honey, just the kiss! Go back to bed!”

That’s illogical!

- Excerpt from ‘Love Illogical’

Indeed, A Garden Sealed is a delightful read that invokes the powerful emotions that only love can. Each poem puts you in the mood for love:

We held hands gently ...

Our eyes met romantically ...

We didn’t say anything but ...

Our lips got closer ...

The waiter interrupted with our drinks

“Perfect timing!” I said with a wry smile.

Your infectious laughter echoed

Across the lush valley!

- Excerpt from ‘A Cosmic Connection’

Your romantic romp continues with the lyrical prowess of an ode to love:

Your mind is keen and sharp

You are wise and intelligent

You are full of wit and humour

You have an infectious laughter

And I love when you call my name!

A spirit of beauty is yours

Like a beautiful, delicate rose

Emanating a love that’s real

Your spirit is warm and tender

Your spirit is a human magnet

Powerfully attracting me to you

And I love when you call my name!

Your fiery soul is ignited with flames

That are passionate in every way

Love, so spicy, yet so delicate

Enjoyed with all its pleasures

And I love when you call my name!

- Excerpt from ‘Song of Love’

Published by The Publisher’s Notebook Limited – a faith-based publishing house in Jamaica – there is no denying the potent feelings that emanate from A Garden Sealed – a collection of 26 love poems.

The ebook and paperback versions are currently available on Amazon, along with One Voice For Many Hearts.