Wed | Jun 26, 2019

Hawaii officials mistakenly warn of inbound missile

Published:Sunday | January 14, 2018 | 12:08 AM



A push alert that warned of a ballistic missile heading straight for Hawaii and sent residents into a full-blown panic yesterday was issued by mistake, state emergency officials said.

The emergency alert, which was sent to cell phones just before 8:10 a.m., said in all caps, "Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill."

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted that there was threat about 10 minutes later. But a revised push alert stating there was no threat went out sometime after that.

Agency spokesman Richard Repoza confirmed it was a false alarm and the agency is trying to determine what happened.

The incident prompted defence agencies including the Pentagon and the US Pacific Command to issue the same statement, that they had "detected no ballistic missile threat to Hawaii."