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Perry considers JCA presidency

Published:Wednesday | December 2, 2020 | 12:18 AMLivingston Scott/Gleaner Writer
Sabina Park, Kingston, the headquarters of the Jamaica Cricket Association.
Sabina Park, Kingston, the headquarters of the Jamaica Cricket Association.

Former national cricketer Nehemiah Perry is considering running for the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) presidency next year.

Perry, who ran for vice-president on Mark Neita’s slate in the last election in 2019, says that despite three terms in office, he does not see any improvements under the Wilford Heaven-led administration, and his motivation is to help effect the changes he thinks will take Jamaica’s cricket to a higher level.

However, he is still consulting with stakeholders to get feedback before coming to a decision.

“The thing about it is I haven’t confirmed or anything, but it is something I am giving some thought to,” Perry told The Gleaner. “So I have not decided 100 per cent if that is where I am going, but I am still having some discussions. I am talking to a few people, stakeholders in the parishes, to see where their headspace is, what are their ideas, and how they rate and measure the cricket over the last few years and see if they are proud of what is happening.


“When you are president for an organisation like the JCA, it is like a full-time job. It is not a paid job, so you will have to understand what you will give up. You have to look at all the pros and cons to ensure that when you do something, you are going to give it your hundred per cent, and I am not a person who wants to fail. I am not here for that.”

Elections are constitutionally due in 2021, and Perry said he expects to reach a decision by January.

“We have to wait until we get the finances and audit reports. So maybe January, or so, I will make a formal decision if I will go forward or not, but I will wait and see when is the right time “ he said.

Perry, who played four tests and 21 one -ay internationals for the West Indies, says the JCA is in trouble and that there is a need for new faces and new direction that will revive the sport domestically.

“If I choose to run, we will be dealing with cricket right across the board - ladies cricket, grass roots, high school, and senior men’s. So it is how we can improve cricket,” he said.

“I think we are in a crisis as it relates to administration. If you have good administration, and good leaders, and a place where people respect the leaders and have a mutual agreement with each other, I think we can work together and get all stakeholders to the table and come up with plans for cricket to benefit all.

“We need persons who are able and have the interest of cricket at heart. It is not about people who come on board and hold a position and dictate. The bottom line is the brand of cricket and how can we move the brand forward and continue to improve year after year.”

He said that the issues that affect Jamaica’s cricket are plenty but that the hierarchy of the association is responsible.

“You have to go to the head because they are the ones that control cricket in Jamaica,” he said. “They are the governing body. They can implement measures, implement strategies on competitions, and structures that persons can adhere to.

“We need different leadership because you cannot have a person leading for three terms and you cannot see the improvement, so somebody needs to step aside.”

Perry has worked with Cricket West Indies for eight years and is a Kingston Cricket Club manager. Outside of cricket, he is a former production president at Guardian Life and is also in his second term as president of the Jamaica Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.