Wed | Dec 2, 2020

Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2020 | 12:08 AM

1. People living in some residential neighbourhoods of Kingston thought that there might have been some respite from construction noise during the COVID-19 stay-at -home days, but they complain that there has been no let-up any day, including weekends, as grinders and drills continue working for many hours, much to the annoyance of residents in search of peace in these challenging times.

2. It is unfortunate that in times of adversity, some do take advantage. So price-gouging is common as those with a capitalistic mind seek to answer the laws of supply and demand. The New Zealand prime minister has come up with the brilliant idea of establishing a website to report these gougers. Citizens are encouraged to send photos of receipts so that the shops can be investigated. Minister Green, there’s an idea.