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Something Extra | Wednesday

Published:Wednesday | August 21, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Ingrid Medwinter, brand manager, GraceKennedy, is in a jolly good mood.
Steven Chen, marketing manager, Grace Foods International, chills with a glass of wine.
Jenny Pragnell (right), Cellar 8 director, toasts ‘Wine Guy’ husband Matthew (second left) and visitors from Barbados.
Cheers! Janette Williams (left) and Margaret Clarke Peryer, executives in the insurance industry, raise their glasses for the fine occasion.
Belinda Williams (right), head of marketing and communications, Proven Management Ltd, admires this bottle of fine wine with Knotoya Spencer, senior associate, investment banking, Sygnus Capital Limited.

Cellar 8 recently hosted a phenomenal wine-tasting event featuring Harbour Wines and Spirits’ award-winning Château de Berne rosé wines.

The evening began with a delicious baked Brie topped with a rosé pepper jelly and sliced almonds. The pepper jelly, created with Château de Berne Inspiration rosé and Scotch bonnet peppers, was the perfect fusion of French and Jamaican flavours and was served with Château de Berne Inspiration.

Much more followed, and Something Extra has the highlights.