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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | April 26, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Anna Guthrie, designer of 'By Annaixe', came ready to fete during Caesar's Army Bacchanal Road. Her Campari mug was the perfect accessory to her carnival ware.
Amanyea Stines was stunning in MiSim designed, Campari themed, carnival ware. She paired her outfit with a pair of cat eyed, red-tinted shades for a bold look.
A trio of beauties (from left) Dianne Brown, Deidre McKenzie and Ashlie Barrett rocked their Campari costumes designed by Simone Neilson, owner of label MiSim.
Ally Andrade, was stunning in a piece designed by MiSim, as she feted along the path led by Caesar's Army Bacchanal Road on Sunday, with her Campari mug in-hand.
Rohan 'Quite Perry' feted with team Campari during Caesar's Army Bacchanal Road held on Sunday.

Caesar’s Army Bacchanal Road, held on Sunday, saw Team Campari activated in the space, as they feted their Campari cadets during the event. Here are the highlights.