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Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Tuesday | March 19, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Stacy Lopez gives a seductive look at the Buju Banton concert dubbed, 'Long Walk To Freedom'.
Pauline Daley-Simms, originally from St Bess, now living in the U.K., is only too pleased to pose for the cameras.
Nicole Spence (left) and Rochelle Widdowson enjoys the live performances at Buju's 'Long Walk To Freedom' concert.
Harley Curtis- Cowen (left), Szilvoa Turgyan and Nathan Randle, from the U.K., are quite relaxed, as they enjoy some island vibe.
Tina Hamilton is flank by Amanda McMorris and Solaine Richards, as they add to the colour and excitement inside the venue.
Carla Leveridge, is caught up in the moment, as she takes a selfie while enjoying the show.
Caught up in their feelings. Patrons enjoying every moment as if caught up in a trance.

It was indeed an exciting time when patrons turned out in their numbers for Buju Banton's Long Walk To Freedom concert. The performances were great and the fashion was, to say the least, quite interesting. Here are some 'Extra' highlights.