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'Strong families build a strong Nation' - JN Exec

Published:Thursday | December 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Earl Jarrett (second left), chief executive officer, Jamaica National Group, listens keenly as Donovan Harris (second right), member of the JN Bank Duke Street branch, makes a point. Looking on are Gillian Hyde (left), general manager, JN Small Business Loans and Felina Harris, member of the JN Bank Duke Street branch.
From left: Leon Mitchell, assistant general manager, Jamaica National Group is pictured with Shereen Jones, chief information officer, JN Group; Donovan Forbes, member of the JN Bank Falmouth branch and Nina Peters, business relationship and sales manager, JN Bank.
Evena Graham (left), branch sales representative, JN Bank, shares a hug with Fay Todd, member of the Falmouth branch.

Jamaica National Group executive Shereen Jones has called for a return to strong family values to solve some of the social challenges in Jamaica.

Jones, chief information officer, of the group, said it is no secret that strong families build confident and empowered communities and that, in turn, it is those families and their communities that build strong nations.

She noted that over the years, the society has experienced a progressive breakdown in morality and that if Jamaica intends to achieve its desired levels of human development, then it is strategically beneficial to restore the good family values and positive attitudes that once prevailed.

She was speaking recently at a members' mingle that was held at JN Bank's Falmouth branch in Trelawny. It was the third in a series of members mingles' hosted by JN Bank to express its gratitude and appreciation to loyal members and customers across the country.




"Families are basic to the fabric of our society. The goal is, therefore, to return families to a place where there is a sense of belonging, tradition, love, community spirit and good human relations through the medium of good parenting and education," she explained.

Consequently, mortgages remain an important part of JN Bank's offerings, she stated.

"The home is an important space in which the family is nurtured and secured. Therefore, at JN Bank, we are keen on the security and development of our families by providing the best financing to assist Jamaicans to own a home so that they can create an enriching environment to nurture their children and the generations to come."

She further noted that over the years, the Jamaica National Group has developed a mix of products and services through its member companies and organisations, such as life insurance, so that Jamaicans can have access to plans and other insurance products that assists to preserve their families quality of life in case of eventualities.

"Strong families need good homes and the right products, such as insurance, to nurture them. And, in turn, families provide us with identity, love, support, security and confidence so that individually, we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to," Jones said.

She also noted that confidence and empowerment are important elements of what will allow Jamaicans to achieve the development they want for themselves.

"A confident society moves things forward. Its people are solution-driven. They are always focused on improving themselves and those around them. They never wait on others to do it for them, and they advocate for what's right," she affirmed.