Wed | Oct 16, 2019

Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | December 11, 2018 | 12:06 AM

1. Guess which politician was absent from the Terra Nova basement? From our sources, we hear that the rambunctious one had warned the young Turk of arrogance and extravagance. But the warnings fell on deaf ears, so he gave up mentorship. He, therefore, did not want to indulge in the festivities.

2. If the authorities are really serious about returning order to our thoroughfares, they need only use the technology available to them. For example, why are cameras not being used to nail violators who routinely run red lights and/or commit other breaches. The cameras record the license plate during act of committing the violation and the owner of the vehicle is ticketed. Simple way to ensure compliance.

3. Hospital staff need to apply visitation rules in a universal way. If visitation is not allowed, then no one should be admitted. It is painful for relatives to be waiting patiently, then they see friends of hospital staff entering at will.