Mon | Feb 24, 2020

Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | December 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM

1. How does a merchant make the decision to stock de-icing tools for a tropical country like Jamaica? Climate change is real, but we don't think we are likely to see icy conditions in a very long time.

2. Persons using the drive-through facilities at a popular eatery had no sympathy for a begging mother who was decked out in gold chains and had other piercings on her face. Indeed, the little girl straddling her hip was herself wearing a fancy gold chain. There was no joy for that beggar. She needs to get smart and leave her adornments at home.

3. It was a classic case of an employee overplaying his hand. The head of the organisation had threatened to resign on several occasions. This time, when he issued his threat, he was told to go ahead. His attempts to withdraw his resignation were stiffly rebuffed.

He has been job-hunting for months now, searching high and low.