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Published:Thursday | September 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Good friends Emprezz Goldiong (left) and Debbie Bissoon (right) were out in full support of Krystal Tomlinson as she launched her first book 'Kill Fear'.
Emprezz Golding (centre) adds a pop of colour and life with Debbie Bissoon (left) and Sutania Williams.
Terisa Thompson is excited to get her hands on a copy of 'Kill Fear'.
Diedre McKenzie is armed and ready to kill her biggest fears and accomplish her dreams.
Representatives of 'Mega Mart' Michael Gleichman and Kimberley Johnson were moved by the passion and vision behind 'Kill Fear' and will be the first to distribute the book on the island.
Krystal Tomlinson (left) and Emprezz Golding share a congratulatory embrace at the start of the launch.

Author, youth leader and phenomenal woman, Krystal Tomlinson, launched her book, 'Kill Fear' with a home-going ceremony for the life of the late Fear, on Monday at Christ Church. The launch of the creative book, symbolised the level of spirituality and determination that is needed to overcome your biggest fears and achieve your greatest potential. We bring you the highlights.