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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | May 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM
From left: Christian Fray, his sister Dominique Fray, and Manoj Ramchandani sharing some lens time.
From left: Carnival Cruise Line’s Shanna Fray and Maurice Arneaud share lens time with Chukka’s Kristina Rose at the Porsche cocktail reception, held recently at ATL Auto, Bogue City Centre.
Racing car driver Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore (left) chats with Porsche technician Jordan Powell .
Porsche’s David Henriques shows off his company’s new offerings to Sal’s Trucking’s Kishora (centre) and Veronica Weston at a cocktail reception at ATL Auto, Bogue City Centre, last Friday night.
Adam Stewart, chief executive officer and deputy chairman, ATL Automobile Limited, is tickled with laughter as he chats with AMResorts’ Janice Burchell-O’Hare.
RIGHT: Petrena Purser, head of business, ATL Automotive, West, is in a jovial mood as she converses with Miguel Arthurs, general manager, Sandals Golf and Country.
Joshua Greenwood (left) of Absolute Fitness certainly had the attention of Porsche’s Florent Parmentier.

Aiming to connect to its western family, Porsche hosted a cocktail event themed 'Cocktails, Canapes and Cars' last Friday night in Montego Bay. Montegonians from all walks of life gathered for cocktails at the ATL Auto, Bogue City Centre, to celebrate a long-standing tradition. Here are some of the highlights.