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Xaymaca Pop-up lyme short and sweet

Published:Thursday | February 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMYanique Williams/Lifestyle Writer
Andrew Bellamy, Xaymaca band director, out to enjoy Xaymaca Pop-up Lyme.
Xaymaca Jumpers Daniela Leon (left) and Heidi Baillie.
Jodi Johnson sips on her melon-berry iCool rum cooler.

It was 'bend down, bend down, pause' in true soca fashion last Friday night at the long-awaited Xaymaca Pop-up Lyme.

Picture vibrating waistlines and hypnotic hip-swaying at Barbican Beach as soca lovers came out to partake in pure revelry. The pulsating beats of popular hits had patrons dripping in sweat as bodies intertwined. iCool's exotic rum coolers kept the crowd energised and ready for the next round.

An amazing carnival costume-themed photo booth was occupied with beautiful ladies in between songs. And who could leave out the deejays? They had partygoers gyrating, jumping, and shouting the words of their favourite soca anthems.

However, a spoke was put in the party wheel when members of the police force arrived to turn off the music - direct orders came from Governor General Sir Patrick Allen. Party done? The fun was cut short but only for a while as the night was still young and the revellers were not ready to go home.

They protested in song, stomping their feet and singing aloud, making their own music in hopes that the deejay would follow suit. This proved futile, and patrons went home on a sombre note.