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Something Extra | Wednesday

Published:Tuesday | January 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Hugh Graham with his belle Tess-Maria Leon.
When your mother is a hard-core rocker and has her concert fashion down pat, you follow suit. And that's the case for Chrystelle Harris (left) and her mother Angie.
Our camera could not miss songbird Alaine (left) and her gal pal Charlene Davis.
Peta-Gay Pryce (left) and Interior Designer friend Joelle Smith, made a very fashionable duo.
Jarryd Haynes and his lovely date Candice Watson.
Staying close as they enjoyed the performances on stage, Shelley Hendrickson and her beau Member of Parliament Mikael Phillips had a grand time.


Today we return to the lawns of Jamaica House for the what was an epic staging of Shaggy and Friends. Between scintillating performances, their was much socialising, and our roving cameras caught it all.