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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | January 8, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Saudicka Diaram shows the balance between power and class in her cheetah-print wrap dress.
The dazzling Nikki Z introduced some of the biggest acts of the night, and when she was off stage she was the life of the party, dancing up a storm.
One ticket saves one life and Adrianna Bryan, Mother of Exotichild, dared to stand out at Shaggy and Friends 2018.
It is only fitting that the queen of hearts, and by extension, style, Davina Bennett, was out in her Rednarim gown and her signature Afro to support #TeamShaggy4Kids.
Let's go shopping at Coochiannas! Owner Dionne Taylor is a perfect model for the exquisite pieces in store.
Sometimes the bosses party with their support systems, and so Corrine Bellamy would have it no other way than with her day-one supporter, hubby Andrew.

It was a night of superb entertainment under the stars at Shaggy and Friends 2018, held on the lawns of Jamaica House last Saturday. Team Shaggy and Friends must be commended not only for the production of the event, but also providing an avenue for individuals to showcase their impeccable taste and style.