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SAJ celebrates 80 with premier regional shipping conference

Published:Tuesday | May 14, 2019 | 9:18 AM
The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel
The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

In January 2019, the Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ) announced that it was celebrating 80 years of unparalleled service to the business community with a series of impactful and relevant activities.

The first of these activities is the hosting of the 18th staging of the premier regional shipping conference- the Caribbean Shipping Executives Conference (CSEC). This annual mid-year conference brings members of the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) from the Dutch, French, Spanish, and English-speaking Caribbean together to tackle topics high on the agenda of regional and international shipping and logistics. They will be joined by shipping and logistics experts from across the world, local and regional government officials, and policymakers to discuss, among other things, cyber-security, environmental sustainability and an emergency response plan for Caribbean ports. The president of CSA, Juan Carlos Croston, has worked with his team to craft a conference that will be focused on the benefits to be gained from crafting resilient companies through capacity development.

Other topics that will fulfil this mandate include the Architecture of Branding and the Architecture of Human Resources. The CSEC is known across the region for the presentation of cutting-edge topics and sought-after presenters in order to equip its members and stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-changing trade winds which affect the logistics service businesses.

Registration is in high gear as is the pre-conference buzz as the social-media savvy are already downloading the conference app, and joining the CSA’s active Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter social spaces. During the conference, these will enhance their experience as updates and information will be shared with participants in real-time. Additionally, participants will use the hashtag #csakingston as they join the stimulating and exciting conversations on the conference topics and the world-class Jamaican entertainment at the social events.

About the CSA

The Caribbean Shipping Association is the voice of the Caribbean shipping industry and was established in 1971 to facilitate development of an efficient, viable, regional shipping sector.

CSA membership includes 12 national shipping associations and more than 100 individual member entities, including port authorities, terminal operators, shipping agents, shipping lines, tug and salvage companies, consultants, freight forwarders, leasing companies, and other shipping and logistics affiliates. The CSA represents private and public sector interests across the entire Caribbean area, including South, Central, and North American ports; cutting language and geographical barriers by representing English, French, Spanish and Dutch-speaking entities.

The exchange of information and ideas is considered essential to development. The CSA thereby assists its members to improve efficiency, production, and output as its primary function. Training and development of human resources in the Caribbean shipping industry is therefore a priority concern of the CSA.

The CSA also represents its membership in relevant regional hemispheric groupings, associations, and organisations - governmental, multilateral and private sector – and maintains observer status with leading Caribbean multilateral bodies including CARICOM and the Association of Caribbean States.

General Council

The General Council is the governing body of the association. This body, chaired by the president, is responsible for the management of CSA affairs and the exercise of all powers and duties conferred upon the association.

The General Council comprises:

• President

• Vice-president

• Immediate past president

• General manager

• Four members nominated by Group A

• Two members nominated by Group B

• Two members nominated by Group C

•One member nominated by Group D

• Elections for all except the current executive post are held at the annual general meeting in October each year.

Standing Committess

The General Council takes advice from four standing committees:

• Board of Trustees of the CSA Training Trust Fund

• The Port Award Committee

• The Silver Club

• The Cruise Committee

The CSA Secretariat

The registered address of the secretariat of the CSA is in Kingston, Jamaica. Headed by the general manager, the secretariat provides full-time administrative support for the activities of the General Council; while planning content and logistics for the CSA’s Caribbean Shipping Executives Conference and the Annual General Meeting, Conference and Exhibition each year. During conferences and general meetings, the secretariat is temporarily located at the venue of such conference or general meeting.

The 18th annual CSEC will be held on May 20-21 will be at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.