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Beyond the Lens: Imaging and Illuminating Experience with Wilson’s Picture Perfect Photography

Published:Sunday | September 8, 2019 | 12:07 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

Knowing your passion gives you the courage and strength to find your purpose. Some seek to find their footing by taking on a journey of zealous proportions, while for others, it lands right before their very eyes, and almost immediately, or over time, that ambitious vision becomes clear and concrete.

Mikey Wilson was one such person to have had his dream come to him.

He received his first camera from his aunt when he was a teenager. He explained to Beyond the Lens, that even though he knew nothing about cameras, he was intrigued by the spectacular gadget.

“I challenged myself to use my camera every day for at least 30 minutes after school,” he said.

At the time, he used to photograph images of food, and in a few weeks, once he was comfortable using the camera, he progressed to learning other aspects of creating an image.

“Making images never came easy. But having a powerful device to capture the essence of any and everything right in the palm of my hand, was what I really loved the most.”

He has since worked around the clock to hone his craft. After the joy he experienced at his first job as an assistant photographer at Photo Express, he decided to take his pursuit one step further. He earned qualification at the Creative Production and Training Centre (CTPC), receiving a certificate in photography. From there, he established his photography company, Perfect Image Media and Entertainment.

“From shooting to editing and everything in between, I bring out the absolute best in every image I take and touch,” he added.

With almost a decade in the flashing domain, Wilson’s dynamic journey has had its fair share of ups and downs. But it has taught him to shift his mindset to understanding and prioritising his skill set and value. Also, collaborating with others to bring their vision to life, as well as getting his name, business and services offered out there, has significantly contributed to his artistic growth and development.

Currently a freelance photographer for Sleek Jamaica, while running his own business, he credits the field for allowing him room for flexibility.

“I record all my bookings in a calendar and I ensure that I do not over book or overlook any client. I always ensure that I confirm with my clients before booking an event or photoshoot days in advance,” he highlighted.

Entrepreneurship has taught him patience, goal setting and to never give up on his first love: photography.

“I enjoy having the opportunity to capture the Jamaican culture across the island and the opportunity to travel outside of Jamaica to experience different cultures. Also, I love capturing memorable moments for my clients and making them happy.”

He confessed, however, that it isn’t always a bed of roses, and that sometimes, as a photographer, you are faced with clients and patrons at events who cross the line and become disrespectful. When this happens, he reminds himself of his mission and stays true to his passion.

When asked what are his interests, apart from taking pictures, he responded, “What is life outside of photography?” With a hearty laugh. With this passion in mind, he takes his artform to new levels, exploring the different genres of photography in his down time, such as weddings, as well as food, portrait, and landscape photography, with his trusty Nikon camera.

His advice to aspiring photographers, is to discover, love and invest in your skill.

“Discover which genre you would like to focus on. Shoot what you love, and invest in proper lighting and camera equipment and learn how to use them. It will be worth your while. Also, good photographers always stay abreast of changing technology and research and practice their craft.”

So if you want to not just ‘image’, but illuminate your experience, Perfect Image Media and Entertainment, will provide all your photographic needs.

For more information, you can email him at, or view his work on Instagram: @SleekJamaica or @perfectimagephotography_ , and @perfectimageweddingphotography.