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The Calling | Kevar Brown fights for the One who fights for him

Published:Sunday | December 1, 2019 | 6:39 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Kevar Brown : I want to see everyone accept God as their personal Saviour and friend so they can experience the joy He has in store for them.
Kevar Brown

Mandeville, Manchester:

Imagine being sick for months with no doctor being able to diagnose your condition or tell you if you if you will ever return to normalcy.

This, coupled with the betrayal of the closest people to him, sent Kevar Brown, a minister of religion in training, to the edge as he fought his way out of the hands of the enemy and into a life dedicated to total service to God and man.

“One day, something strange happened to me that went on for a bit longer than I expected. I got sick for six months. The doctors couldn’t tell what was happening to me. I became like a 99-year-old in strength and in sight. In that moment, I kept on praying. In fact, I made a promise to God that if He brought me back, I would serve Him forever. He did come through for me, but shortly after my ordeal, I moved to St Ann to work.”

He said something was not right as he was constantly tormented by demons and questioned God about his purpose in life.

“He came to me in a dream and told me, ‘You are going to be a preacher’. However, I didn’t believe until I put God to the test a year later when I asked Him in my mind to send someone to me that I don’t know, and don’t know me, to tell me, and He did.”

Brown, who says he has been a Christian for the past 10 years, said he has struggled much on his journey but holds on to the unchanging hands of his Redeemer.

“The most difficult thing for me to deal with as a Christian is trust. In a world where there is so much evil, I found it extremely difficult to trust people, especially given the situations that happened in my past. The woman that I loved with all my heart cheated on me and seeing close friends and people from sections of my community turning their backs on me. Not to mention having my clothes, CXC results, phones burned by someone close to me.”

He added: “But I overcame. I put in place some rules that I am still living by. I try my best to see people through the eyes of God. I put in place boundaries. and take a positive mindset in relationships; I remind myself not to allow the people that persecute me to convert me; I pray and bare my soul to God, and in order to have healthy relationships, I remind myself that one must trust. These are my guiding principles.”


Brown said it was never his intention to become a preacher, but he always had a love for God and was taught through his mother’s actions about God’s love.

“Seeing my precious mother and my siblings holding Him in high esteem, growing up among tough kids, I found myself leading a few youngsters, some who are no longer with us.”

Brown says he wishes to see the kingdom of God populated, and that remains his goal.

“I want to see everyone accept God as their personal Saviour and friend they can experience the joy He has in store for them,” Brown ended.