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Steve Lyston | Christian bankers and investors needed

Published:Monday | November 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM

With the global and local uncertainty within the market, coupled with the sliding dollar, there is a need for Christian-owned banks, credit unions and investors. This will give them the opportunity to operate with kingdom principles, utilising the original blueprint from the Bible.

We have the solutions even for the sliding dollar, and furthermore, we would operate with integrity. It goes beyond greed and making huge profits at the expense of the poor to fund the rich, or without wealthier countries oppressing and pressuring poorer nations. It means that the wealthier nations would no longer be able to dictate to poorer nations how they should operate. Could it be that the sliding ­dollar is a ­deliberate action to give international ­interests advantage for the acquisition of local ­businesses and assets, particularly real estate? Is it tied to the advancement of the Antichrist agenda?

Christians need to understand that this era of politicians and ­business people is nothing like that of the past. Most people are making deals for themselves and are willing to cross any line to succeed, without fear. Many have no intention of helping the people or even to improve the economy at any level. This present system will only cause the black market to prosper. Crime and violence will increase. Sexual immorality will soar. Children and adults alike will have very little zeal to be ­educated, but, instead, seek an easier path to wealth, such as dealing drugs.

We are children of light and we are the ones who must show the light in the ­darkness. Big businesses are not interested in keeping the profits within the country. They are simply using the nation and then pulling out the assets. We must rebuild the ‘feet’ of the nation – small businesses – and teach people self-reliance through farming, livestock rearing and how to shift to solar panel usage so that small businesses and poorer communities can benefit and thrive. We need to encourage each household to have their own water-storage tanks, or there should be a flat-rate system to allow for a competitive edge for the small businesses.

We must unite in order to get this new system of banking and investment for our nation’s economic survival and stop using crime as an excuse, while speaking negatively about our nation, not recognising the forces behind it all.


The sovereignty of our nation is at stake and if that should go, so does all our freedom. We as Christians, must realise that taking grants and other so-called benefits are not without a cost. As they say, there is no free lunch. Every time there is a deal made on behalf of the nation, our people need to ask the question, what is this costing our nation?

We need to change our foreign exchange system to a fixed system backed by gold. With a fixed exchange rate you can plan ahead and save. Furthermore, based on biblical principle, as I have said before, precious metals were used as a monetary base – gold, silver, and so on. Furthermore, a barter system should be a part of the plan.

Get rid of the current economic advisers in the nation, particularly international banks and other international institutions.

Put in place high taxation on imported clothing, cellular phones and motor ­vehicles; and promote our local clothing industry; phones and vehicles can be assembled in Jamaica.

Remove all tax from educational items and medical equipment.

Teach our people the difference between wants and needs.

Encourage and promote entrepreneurship – teaching people the value in ­owning their own businesses.

Open up the opportunities again for the craft industry to thrive.

Reform our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal with trade and investment, and take advantage of the opportunity to reach the world in a simpler fashion.

Set up task forces to ­monitor the larger businesses within the nation in terms of their operations. That includes adherence to the local labour laws, and checking for money laundering and ­infringements of human rights.

If Christians don’t step up, then every other nation and philosophy that are anti-­Christian will begin to set up banks and other businesses, employing their own people and leaving our people without opportunities.

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including ‘End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’.