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Jubilee Baptist Church commemorates 175th anniversary

Published:Saturday | August 24, 2019 | 12:10 AMCeccelia Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer
A section of the congregation at Jubilee Baptist Church’s 175th anniversary service.
A section of the congregation at Jubilee Baptist Church’s 175th anniversary service.

The Jubilee Baptist Church in Toll Gate, Clarendon, has been impacting lives for years through its various outreach and welfare programmes, and for its current members, they are only continuing a tradition that was started 175 years ago.

Last month, the church celebrated its historic landmark with an anniversary service.

In her message to mark the occasion, the Rev Karen Kirlew, president of the Jamaica Baptist Union reminded the congregants that the church is there as a light in the darkness.

Reflecting on the chaos that is happening in the world, Rev Kirlew said Christians should remain steadfast and not be swayed and shaken by what is happening around them, but to instead be the hope others are looking for.

“We find that the system of beliefs is being shaken, even among those who believe in the ever-present God. There is a level of uncertainty and fear, and it is in this context that the church must make a difference,” she said.

Rev Kirlew said Jubilee Baptist church was founded in 1844 with the promise of a new day and a new start in mind.


“Beginning provides the platform for us whereby we can transition, as well as blossom, evolve and grow.

“We metamorphosise as a church and we sing it all the time - ‘the things we used to do, we do no them more’.”

She said the church should not be stuck at the beginning and not move forward, but instead be about changes and possibilities. She urged the congregants to envision the world living in unity, because that was God’s original design.

The anniversary celebrations continued with outreach activities, including a farmers’ market, health and wellness fair, a 5k walk/run and a back-to-school giveaway.