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Finding the missing ‘whys’ in our lives

Published:Saturday | August 24, 2019 | 12:00 AMShanna Monteith/Gleaner Writer
Three-time author Shaniese Laylor-Bogle

“Every successful business/company is centred on its ‘why’. But the mediocre ones put the ‘why’ last, while it should be placed at the top,” explained three-time author, Shaniese Laylor-Bogle, who recently released her guide called The Power of Why.

According to her, individuals often operate on autopilot instead of being deliberate about their actions, which involves having knowledge about the why behind doing what it is that they do.

Using her profession as example, Laylor-Bogle said, “We can all tell what we do (like teaching), and we can tell how we do it (write plans and go to the classrooms), but most of us are missing our whys and that’s the reason we are unhappy, unfulfilled, aggressive, unproductive and unsuccessful. That is why we burn out so easily. Passion and purpose are lacking from our lives – our ‘why’ is unknown.

“There is a concept I created and included in the book called ‘The Three Gs’, which are realistic and deliberate steps to take when you have established what your passion really is.

“They are:

- Grasp: Get to know your purpose and own it.

- Grow: Learn about what it takes to be the best in your area. Take the time to educate yourself and plan for the future, and then;

- Go: Don’t sit on what you have learnt. Even if you are afraid, get up and go do it. Go live your ‘why’– it is your reason for being. And though it may bring tears, it will be the reason you smile in the future.”

The author and teacher admitted that she only fulfilled and completely answered her ‘why’ when she founded her non-profit foundation which caters to mental health, called Will to Live Jamaica.

“My reason for being is really in the arena of psychology, which has been prophesied over my life since I was a child, and which is spoken about in the handbook.

“I’m passionate about teaching and authoring, but they are only parts of the puzzle – which was eventually solved,” she said, adding that The Power of Why which was published in April provides steps to follow and various questions for its readers to answer in aid of finding their ‘why’.