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From agnostic to pastor - The Dwayne Fuller story - Part IV

Published:Thursday | October 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMPaul H. Williams/Gleaner Writer
Dwayne Fuller

The following is the final instalment in the Dwayne Fuller story.

Dwayne Fuller did not just evolve from an agnostic young man to being a believer. He became Apostle Dwayne Fuller, a pastor with his own church, The Vision Center Church of All Nations.

"The church started from scratch (is a brand-new work) in response to a commission the Lord gave me when He appeared to me and commanded me to raise up a denomination, to preach, teach and raise up churches ... with the power of signs, miracles and wonders, in addition to other details and instructions," Reverend Fuller told Family and Religion.

He said the Lord "anointed" him and revealed to him matters relating to the Kingdom of God and the "Realm of the Supernatural". After that experience, he said he "saw a release of special miracles and revelation that accompanied the ministry".

But, how did he come up with the name of the church and what does it mean? It is motivated by "Bethel in the Old Testament in the Bible", he said. It is "a place of encounter, where Jacob received visions of God".

"Jacob's story changed in that place of encounter and his future was changed; not just his name. Vision Center is such a place with a worldwide mandate," Reverend Fuller explained.

In all of this he said he was a senior leader in an existing denomination, but the Lord directed him to submit a letter of resignation, "and embark on the work" that He had called him to do. He did not resist, because, he said, "To obey God is better than sacrifice, rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft."

He did not set up a branch of the denomination he was a member of, but instead established something new, an "authentic five-fold ministry with demonstration" and which "allows for believers to develop their God-given calling and walk in their divine purposes. We are an apostolic and prophetic church that patterns what is seen in the New Testament of the Bible," Reverend Fuller revealed.

According to him, the five folds (apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists) "are given to prepare believers so that they may function in their God-given call to service, whether they be a teacher of the word or otherwise". And how different is his ministry from the one from which he had resigned from?

He replied, "An important distinction for us is our reliance on gift-based ministry, that is, allowing ministry to flow from divine gifts of the spirit. For example, word of knowledge, gifts of healing, miracles, etc, to solve difficult problems and to therefore walk in the grace of God."

Reverend Fuller's ministry is also underpinned by a basic doctrine that consists of five foundations: there is one God and Father of us all; the scriptures are the word of God, a standard for life, and godliness; you must be saved and Jesus Christ is the only Saviour and Lord of all flesh; everyone can be and needs to be empowered and led by the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of Truth; and, divine healing is available to all through Jesus Christ.

Within that 'basic doctrine' are some beliefs, such as "divine healing; supernatural deliverance from demonic oppression; apostles and prophets did not die out in the Bible days but are still around today; Jesus still heals the sick and raises the dead; the union between man and wife and godly training of children in the house of the Lord; biblical principles of finance; mentorship and discipleship; of waiting on God for direction in life, ministry and business".

"We believe that God in his wisdom distributed gifts among believers so that they could function in his house, and, as a consequence, the house of God is a supernatural gathering," Reverend Fuller shared.

And like all Christian denominations, Reverend Fuller's ministry does not support "sex before marriage, or intercourse outside of the guidelines prescribed by the scriptures".