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From agnostic to pastor - the Dwayne Miller story - Part II

Published:Friday | October 12, 2018 | 12:00 AMPaul H. Williams/Gleaner Writer
Dwayne Fuller

Reverend Dwayne Fuller was a teenage agnostic when a friend of his, who had a sight problem, decided to get divine help. He went to a Wednesday night prayer meeting since he had no money to go to the doctor.

"To my surprise he came back the following day to school, with his left eye completely restored and no white specks! This was a marvellous feat for me. I began to read the Bible. With an open heart, I read thinking, 'what if the Bible claims are either true or have some truth in them'?" he told Family and Religion.

He believes that when people's hearts are open to God, he can speak to them, and guide them into "further truth".

"That's exactly what happened to me," he said, "I began to experience a personal journey in discovering who God was as I read through the Scriptures regularly. I had a sense during this time that the grace of God was hovering over my life directing me to a new place."

He began to get a better understanding of the Scriptures, he said, and the writer of the Scripture started to reveal himself more, and more. His experiences, he said, "became profoundly serendipitous and seemingly divinely guided".

"I began to have encounters with the presence of God. In one case, the 'weighty presence of God' descended in my room and I had a profound awareness in my soul and consciousness that God was real. I had no further doubts. I felt the conviction of Heaven and a plethora of messages was digested in that one moment, giving me clarity on my single most enterprise, that God was real, and I had a responsibility towards God," he said.

As time passed, Reverend Fuller said he began to hear "the leadership voice of the Holy Spirit" guiding him and revealing "facts and truths" to him, as he drew near to God.

"My heart grew more and more open to God, yet, I didn't know what it meant to be born again, nor how to do it," he revealed.

Then he said God led a minister to "direct him in a prayer of repentance for salvation" after the Lord spoke to him. The minister said the Lord said he, Dwayne Fuller, was "ready to be saved".

"This, too, was a confirmation that I was indeed hearing from the Almighty God all along because God had spoken to me too, along those same lines as he did to that minister. There was no way he would have known outside of God revealing this fact to him supernaturally. Now I had all the proof, evidence and assurance that I needed to start a serious journey with the Lord. I was ready to run for Jesus!" he declared.

And run he did, with the Gospel. Next time Reverend Fuller speaks about his work in his ministry.