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Hanover jail riot looms over power, water woes

Published:Wednesday | January 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer
Superintendent of Police Sharon Beeput, Hanover’s commanding officer.

Western Bureau:

LAW ENFORCERS at the Hanover Police Headquarters in Lucea are expressing disgust with the inconsistent supply of water and electricity they are getting and want the matter to be addressed urgently.

"This parish is being neglected for too long now and something needs to happen," a senior police officer stated during a question, and-answer session at Monday's Ministry of National Security's project #150thStationFixUp, which is aimed at undertaking remedial work on police stations across the island.

"There is no water at the station and the prisoners are on the verge of rioting," the officer continued, even as Superintendent Sharon Beeput, the officer in charge of the parish, tried to correct him, pointing out that the water supply had returned to the police headquarters earlier in the morning.

When The Gleaner sought further details on the matter, it was revealed that, in the latest instance, the water supply to the station had been out for a week. It was further revealed that there are two small tanks at the station that can only supply the facility for a short while, with limited pressure flow.




In an interview with The Gleaner, Beeput pointed out that it was not resulting of the water supply to the police headquarters being disconnected but resulting of frequent power outages and water lock-offs across the parish, especially in the Lucea area.

"It is an ongoing problem, and normally, when the water is off for a long period, we get assistance from the fire station," said Beeput.

During the meeting, it was also pointed out that the police headquarters in its current state was supposed to be Phase One of a three-stage project, but, according to them, from all indications, it would appear that the other two phases have been abandoned.

With inadequate space to function in comfort, the police officers are calling for the Government to return to the original plan and complete the facility, which is the hub of policing operations in the parish.

According to them, at present, there is no recreation area and the sole meeting room has been converted into a gym for the policemen and women who work at the facility.