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100 not out — Centenarian credits long life to relationship with God

Published:Thursday | January 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMRasbert Turner/Gleaner Writer
Huntley Grant at 100 years old.
Centenarian Huntley Grant
For his 100th birthday,Grant was surrounded by family and friends.

Huntley Grant, Uncle Huntley, is celebrating 100 years and is looking forward for more.

Grant, who was born on December 3, 1917, in Banbury District, Linstead, in St Catherine to James and Miriam Grant, remains full of life and was the centre of attention during a recent visit from Family & Religion.

"I am the third of seven children and is the only one alive. I found God early and I continue to serve Him. I am saying this is to tell you all that you must serve God also: it is your duty, so don't be disobedient," Grant said.

According to the centenarian, long life is a blessing and he is now awaiting his 'call'.

At his Bronx Street home in Linstead, the centenarian was flocked by family and friends when Family & Religion visited.

Grant said that despite not been trained as a builder, he was a master of his craft and has built houses, bridges, stores and other structures during his career.

"I really believe in doing good work and I never got any complaints for my work as I did it to the best of my ability. I believe that is the honest way to work and it was easy for me as I am a Christian," Uncle Huntley said.

"He will eat just about anything, but he really likes patties and if allowed, will have it every day. He is a person who likes cleanliness, so whenever I bathe him if I miss a spot, he will tell you and it has to be done," said Simone Brown, his caregiver.




Meanwhile his wife of 40 years, Edith Grant, describes him as a loving person who constantly prays.

"Him very nice and love God, but sometimes him just talk morning noon and night, otherwise he is a very good man," Edith said.

The views were echoed by others who said although Huntley is not a biological parent, he has fathered many.

"He was the first person to buy me a long pants during the time I lived with him. He tried to be like a father to me and although he was a disciplinarian, his kindness I will always remember," Ronald 'Privy' Clarke said.

"Uncle Huntley was my mother's favourite brother. He started to do building construction from age 16 years old and was the breadwinner for the family. He was very kind, but strict, and a hardworking man who has been a Christian from the age of 20," said niece, Denise Daley.

Gary Gittens, who was visiting from England, said it was Grant who helped to shape his life and he remains forever grateful.

"I grew up with Uncle and he remains a very meaningful part of my life. I know it is because of the discipline that he instilled in me why I am here today. He lived clean, honest and godly and those are what continue to inspire me,"

It was as if Gary's words stirred Grant's consciousness as his parting were taken from the bible.

"Just remember, 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only be gotten son'. It means that people must serve the Lord.

Grant still attends the Linstead Gospel Hall where he was baptised over 70 years ago.