Wed | Oct 21, 2020

PNP needs to set its house in order

Published:Tuesday | September 22, 2020 | 12:06 AM


Is the continuous haemorrhaging of the People’s National Party (PNP) a vindication of the Jamaican electorate? Was the country very on point with their decisions at the polls this last general election? The good book Matthew 12:25 states that a house divided against itself cannot stand. When I converse with a couple of my well-learned associates of the PNP, I struggle to understand why they still believe, even to this day, that their party would have made a better government. It does boggle the mind.

The PNP needs to recognise that among its major problems are:

1. The entitlement mentality. The belief that Jamaica is beholden to the PNP is showing disrespect to the populace.

2. The leadership seems to be turning a blind eye and is not listening to their grassroot supporters.

3. The inconsistency in messaging and the ever-changing positions on policy are providing uncertainty, especially for young entrepreneurs who are looking for stability.

The ultimatum given by Krystal Tomlinson to the party president, Dr Phillips, was a total disregard for precedence. Regardless of whether you like Dr Phillips, he is the president of the organisation and should not have to suffer the indignation of an open peremptory. That was an ill-advised move, irrespective of the fact that the viewpoint shared was of any acumen.

The discord and tribalism that are now on full display within the organisation is unpleasant. All well-thinking Jamaicans wish to have a coherent and strident opposition, to, along with the media, continue the good work of being a formidable watchdog over this administration.

But the continuous chaos and disorder will not allow a coalescence, which is a potential disaster for the future of the party, and someone needs to step up and cauterise the degradation before it’s too late.


Justice of the Peace