Wed | Oct 21, 2020

Talkback Thursday | Who will lead the PNP?

Published:Thursday | September 17, 2020 | 12:11 AM

On Monday, in a leaked letter, the People’s National Party Youth Organisation called for President Dr Peter Phillips to step down in the next 30 days. We asked our followers who they believe should lead the 82-year-old party.

Boy the options look slim.

– @aarons_andre

Phillip Paulwell.

– @RayonPrince3

Dr Peter David Phillips.

– @blackyardgrafx

Lisa Hanna is the best and most logical choice.

– Warren Pryce

I believe Mark Golding would be a great fit. He seems stable, calm, collected and relaxed, and thinks before he responds to any situation.

– Joy Love

I would love if David Manley, Michael Manley’s son, could step up to the table and defend his father’s legacy. But if [he] refuses to take on the role, Lisa or Damion.

– Ugel Davis

Peter Bunting regardless he lost his seat.

– Becca Collins

I believe Krystal Tomlinson should be selected to be the president.

– David Blake

Julian Robinson.

– Aliemek Srewe

Lisa Hanna, Mark Golding, and if they’re smart, Damion Crawford can take over Peter Phillips seat.

– Shamaiah Ellis

I think they should give it to Rohan Chung.

– @willryanwilson

Damion Crawford.

– @cathymatalon

Call back P.J.

– @alvernia6

Anyone who is not from the old guard. The party needs reforming and they need to drop the Old Comrade nonsense.

– @sisujamaica

Angela Brown Burke.

– @francikhara

A new, fresh face that we haven’t yet met.

– @willynilly17

Me a JLP but Mark Golding is the best for that position.

- Princess Moemoe Harris Brown

They need to groom Raymond Pryce, he is very knowledgeable and intellectual.

- Sandrea Williams

Lisa Hanna sah, young fresh minds.- Shell Dixon

Nobody. Just throw them all away.

- Latisha Bailey

Peter Bunting, Mark Golding or Lisa Hanna.

- Stephaney Grant

It seems as if dem affi go ask di Labourites dem fi lend dem somebody till dem get dem acts together.

- Mackie Mack