Fri | Sep 25, 2020

Why is school stopping my hair growth?

Published:Wednesday | August 12, 2020 | 12:23 AM


I’m a student at Jamaica College and I’m wondering why are they stopping me from growing my hair with a rule of one inch. I’m African-American and I see other students with Indian hair allowed to have their hair above one inch.

I personally think this rule is stupid because I should have the right to have my hair as tall or low as I want it. I FEEL VIOLATED. My hair is combed when and if it’s above one inch, but instead of focusing on things like fixing the bathroom or helping students with work, they focus on how tall my hair is.

My hair is a part of me and its height shouldn’t be determined by anyone else other than my parents when it’s properly groomed.

I will admit that I agree that some hairstyles aren’t appropriate for school, but I think there is nothing wrong with how high your hair is.

These are the reasons Jamaica is a Third-World country. Stop limiting our hair growth. I take so much care of my hair just for it to be cut off because of a one-inch rule. We need to grow up. We students are kids and we enjoy growing our hair.

I have no doubt that I speak for every boy in Jamaica, that we are tired of being limited or deprived of growing our hair.