Sat | Jun 6, 2020

Boys need mentoring, not deportation

Published:Thursday | February 27, 2020 | 12:16 AM


I have listened to the different views on how to resolve the issue of the second-form boys at Wolmers’ Boys’ School, and I am of the opinion that expulsion should not be a solution:

1. It is not fair to another school family to have these boys deported to them. Other schools also have their fair share of these obviously in-need boys. It is my humble opinion that these boys need to be dealt with and transformed within the Wolmer’s family.

2. If Wolmer’s is unable to deal with these unruly students, what message are you sending to us parents? For, so many times parenting seminars are held on how to deal with unruly children. It is now time for the Wolmer’s family and the experts to use all the new strategies and methodologies and transform these boys into men that we the Jamaican society can be proud of – after all, Wolmer’s has had three long years to make a difference.

I would hope that the Wolmer’s family will use these boys who are in obvious need of serious counselling and interventions as a project that the school can be proud of in the years to come. Many ‘old boys’ should come to the table to help mentor these young men. Another school is not the solution. What nuh dead nuh dash it wey.

S. Singh