Wed | Apr 8, 2020

TALKBACK TUESDAY | How do we curb school-based violence?

Published:Wednesday | February 26, 2020 | 12:19 AM

Recent incidents of violent attacks in schools have reignited calls for urgent interventions. What would you want to see implemented to help curb school-based violence?


- Mandatory parent classes for undisciplined students. Students and parents should be taught anger management skills, and should teach others what they have learnt. Repetition helps with learning. - @fionaloney

- Better parenting! - @kyss_jm

- Better parenting and role model programme for parents – it all begins at home. - @jalajapan

- Parents NEED to support teachers with discipline. Conflict resolution seminars/workshops are also needed. - @cavianmck

- Expulsion and boot camps. All students who are expelled should be sent to boot camps where studies and discipline are mandatory because soldiers and cadets will train them. No phones, no TV, no access to social media, ‘banger’ phones only for emergencies. Plates washed, pot a cook wood-fire style, and limited access to creature comforts. The military-style teaches great discipline; and no parental interference once the contract is signed. If you cannot act like children, then you cannot go to the regular schools where children really want to learn. - @chynad0ll_876_

- Zero tolerance for disrespect and violence towards teachers. - @ardean76

- Hold parents accountable for their undisciplined children. - @odetteneedham

- Could we start teaching the kids law from grade seven – criminal law, family law, then business law as well as ethics. - @ceeteemills

- Stop having kids. - @arihammond

- 1). Training the teachers in professional behaviour in the classroom.

2). Anger management.

3). How to safely defuse a confrontational situation - @sisujamaica

- The violence we are witnessing in our schools is not a teacher and parent issue. It is also not an ‘uptown and downtown issue’. We need institutional change in our attitude to violence as a society.

Further demonisation of families and young people will achieve nothing in the long term, so it is time for us as a society to take a collective approach to dealing with the root causes of violence in our society. - @portlandtoursj