Wed | Apr 8, 2020

Black kings, arise

Published:Wednesday | February 26, 2020 | 12:19 AM


Black queens, I challenge you to celebrate and empower our black kings.

Mothers, the first responsibility is yours. Support your black boys in becoming confident, strong and powerful men.

Black women, teach our black men to believe; teach them to be black men who truly comprehend what it is like to be anchored, supported and loved by a strong black woman; who knows she is more than her skin colour or the texture of her hair. She must be one who communicates, encourages, guides and empower her man with unconditional love. Such a man cannot be bent or swayed by society to think that he is inferior or incapable of maximising his full potential.

Black men, denounce the inclinations to be predators; this was historically noted in our black men by their European conquerors. Don’t accept that you need to be brutal and ruthless.

A lion rules his jungle by the respect he commands; his stance and presence strike fear in his adversaries.

Be a lion for the right reasons.

Black men, dare to self-define rather than to be categorised and defined by others.