Wed | Apr 8, 2020

When police officers collude with wrecker drivers

Published:Monday | February 17, 2020 | 12:12 AM


How can I not be disgruntled with the level of corruption on our roads? This is a sore matter that needs to be addressed urgently, and not at ordinary levels.

The misuse of power by the police, who work in collaboration with their cronies, to seize vehicles, and collude with wrecker driver to tow them away for a fee, is wrong. The Police High command must intervene and take crucial steps to quell this practice, which has been going on for years.

Ordinary measures cannot change the fate of law-abiding citizens if the relevant authority fails to step in and arrest the problem. Motorists are already under pressure from delinquent road users.

The taxi drivers are the ones who are feeling the hands of the police and their rogue friends. This issue has to be properly dealt with for us to have some semblance of order and stop the corrupt practices of these police officers and wrecker drivers, who are sometimes the owners of these towing trucks or vehicles. We cannot allow our society to disintegrate into an abysmal state where there is absolutely no order.

Nobody wants to speak out about these corrupt practices because of the backlash they might face on the roads from these vindictive police officers.

If we want Vision 2030 to be a reality, we have to take crucial steps to end nefarious activities that are costing ordinary, law-abiding citizens.