Sun | Mar 7, 2021

Congratulations to Miss Universe Jamaica organisation

Published:Tuesday | December 10, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Jamaica’s culture is a floral essence of diversity and history. I have seen the recent comments regarding Jamaica’s national costume for the 2019 staging of the Miss Universe pageant. It is commendable that the organisers selected such an appropriate element of Jamaica’s culture.

It is concerning and hypocritical that while we use Annie Palmer as a tourism destination and for educational trips, we view the exposure internationally as distasteful.

Jamaica’s thread of legends, myths, stories, arts, and sports are elements that are integrated into our history.

The Miss Universe Jamaica organisation stated that “obviously, we have succeeded in this mission as more people are now talking about this aspect of Jamaican history, and we hope they will now be motivated to engage in further research in the topic to have a greater understanding of our past.”

We should not select specific cultural aspects that we hold in high regard at home to present to the world, but rather, authentically stage our culture.