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Letter of the Day | Stop locking out students

Published:Saturday | November 16, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Students must be protected.


The barring of students from school has been a topical issue in recent years. There are many unfortunate things that can happen to these youngsters when they are left unsupervised.

In circumstances like these, ­students are left to go out on their own and may end up making ­questionable choices.

We cannot pretend to be a civilised society when we are leaving the future generation to the mercy of their own decision-making skills and the ills of society.

To separate a child from formal education is a travesty of justice for the up-and-coming youths who are inexperienced and lack the maturity and know-how to perform effectively under trying circumstances.

Antiquated methods used to deny children of their valuable education are really annoying and absurd.

The physical appearance of the child should not have anything to do with how he/she is figured among the school populace. This stereotyping of the child can cause severe unwelcome disunity and bad blood between students and authority.


A child can be driven into ­dangerous territories with ­hardened criminals in today’s day and age where there is constant trafficking of young children, if they are left unsupervised. We certainly wouldn’t want that to happen to us as youngsters.

Even to travel on public transportation from school to home could mean the end of our lives if we are not with the right persons to secure our safety.

I implore adults, especially teachers and other school officials, to think of the interest of the young age cohorts and put measures in place to ensure that they are protected.


Greater Portmore