Wed | Dec 2, 2020

We need water, NWC

Published:Wednesday | November 6, 2019 | 12:26 AM


I am seeking assistance with a burning issue with the National Water Commission (NWC). We have been without regular water on Upper Sandringham Avenue (off Eastwood Park Road in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew) since December last year. Since then, the most we get water is a week, on and off. Sometimes every two weeks, only on a Sunday for couple of hours then it’s gone again. Sometimes we have to go three weeks without the commodity.

I keep calling the NWC call centre and getting nowhere. When I called this week, I was told that there was no water to distribute to my area. I can look over on Derrymore Avenue and they are never out of water, but we are always out of water.

Can I please get some assistance in getting this situation fixed? I refuse to block the roads or do anything out the ordinary to get water. I do not owe a bill, as every month I still receive and pay the bills as I get them.

This is getting ludicrous, especially knowing that the dams are near full and to hear that there is no water to distribute to my area. I am tired of the runaround from the call centre. I am getting no resolution from them.