Tue | Oct 20, 2020

Gun crime is dominating Jamaica for too long

Published:Saturday | October 19, 2019 | 12:22 AM


Gun crime has been dominating Jamaica for too long. And thousands of letters have been written in the papers about our serious crime problem. But sadly, these crime monsters seem to be more powerful than our State and more powerful than our national security.

The powers that be shouldn’t allow this rampant gun trade to have our country under siege for decades. And they should know who are supplying the gunmen with illegal guns and ammunition. They have the power to stem the free flow of illegal weapons that are wiping out people’s lives, but the gun-runners are winning the battle against the State.

Another big problem that is dominating our country is national fear. If we continue to allow these gun-pests to hold us in bondage of fear – keeping us from going certain places and from doing certain things such as reporting crime and giving evidence in court – the fight against crime will not be a very successful one.

Furthermore, these monsters are targeting us. Some people are being held up and robbed while going to and from work in some areas in Ensom City, Spanish Town; on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew; and many other places. We need police patrols 24/7 around these areas.

Jamaica is overwhelmed by a high level of indiscipline. And some of us love the indiscipline because we will not speak out against it while others remain silent because of fear.